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Cable TV Pilot




Psychological Thriller/ Drama



Dexter, Criminal Minds, Orphan Black



When a young girl’s imaginary friends return later in life as alternate personalities, one of them, a police detective, must walk a thin line as she investigates crimes committed by each of the others.



Any metropolitan city; L.A., S.F., N.Y., Chicago, etc.




Detective Ariel Tali: One of many personalities played by the lead actor. She is a police detective in her late 30s-early 40s, nice looking, confident, strong willed. She worked hard to earn her current position. Her loyalty is to…


Judge Kooster, a powerful figure, in his early 70s with early onset of Parkinson’s. He’s an angry man, fed up with guilty parties getting off on technicalities, and uses Ariel to settle the score which she does unquestioningly. She’s a shrewd and proficient executioner and his list is long.


Audrey Tate: A violent alternate personality, she helps victims of infidelity settle the score… permanently. Operating her “Vengeance Murder for Hire” website on the DarkNet, she recruits clients who have been wronged by loved ones. Her favorite M.O.; death during sex. 


Amelia Taft: A somewhat passive alternate personality. She’s just accidentally discovered that others (who?) are sharing her computer. She is under psychiatric care for the ‘voices’ in her head; now her paranoia is accelerating.



Audrey tends bar nights at a swank hotel. Completing a client’s request, she kills Julio Valencia in a seedy motel while having sex with him. During the murder investigation, it is revealed that Audrey and Ariel are physically the same person.


Ariel’s darker side is then exposed. At Judge Kooster’s request, she successfully eliminates a sleazy attorney and the two gang-bangers he got off but her report draws criticism from her boss, Captain Damien Fuller, for whom she has little respect other than that of his rank.


Amelia seeks psychiatric help from Dr. Howell who struggles to determine the real from the imaginary while unpeeling the layers of her mind. The first conflict of personalities is revealed as Audrey threatens Dr. Howell for assisting Amelia in suppressing the ‘others’.


Audrey commits a second vengeance murder, but is sloppy. During this investigation, Detective Tali discovers the existence of ‘alternate personality Audrey’ who claims this kill and the earlier motel killing. Ariel realizes she must impede and redirect the investigation, lest she reveal that she is really the murderer.


Mother, living in a hospice, tries several times in vein to reconnect with her many ‘daughters’.



A struggle for power ensues as new personalities emerge.


Detective Tali finds creative ways to cover her own crimes and those of her alternates by planting evidence to ensnare the unlucky souls on Judge Kooster’s list.


Mother continues to try to connect. Amelia struggles to rid herself of the demons of her childhood.


Audrey tries to strengthen her position among the personalities.

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