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TV Pilots


aka: Killing Me Softly

TV WRITER - 1st Place:

Of the top 3 scripts in each category, Larry Brody writes:


“The only way to describe these nine scripts is: Wonderful. Fully five of them scored over 9 points on our 10 point scale, and the others were in the very high 8s. All three of the 1st Place finishers, in fact, and two of the 2nd Placers, finished in the top ten All-Time Spec Scriptacular Top Scores. Which makes them part of the ten best in the decade and a half this contest has been held.


A showbiz old pro might give a little smile and say, “Not bad” to all this. But that would be because they were masking the absolute awe such an achievement brings.  To put it another way, LB and the rest of the TVWriter™ Gang consider every one of the scripts above to be, simply, brilliant. And brilliance is what they needed in order to finish ahead of another remarkable pack of entries which, overall, has been the best yet.”

WGA Registration Number: 1738870



When a young girl’s imaginary friends return later in life as her alternate personalities, one of them, a police detective, must walk a thin line as she investigates crimes committed by each of the others.

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