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Consequences - Synopsis


Consequences features a strong female protagonist in this dark crime drama offering the blood and gore of Dexter, the psychological twists of Criminal Minds and a splash of sex à la Orange is the New Black. The use of multiple personalities allows the option to add and delete characters throughout the series without requiring new actors, an Orphan Black success model.



A young girl’s angry outburst with her imaginary friends chases them away…for a time.



Audrey tends bar at a swank hotel, a cover well suited for her real passion; Vengeance Murder for Hire, a website on the DarkNet. Her first victim has been cheating on his wife for years. His wants him dead. She hires Audrey. Lured to the bar by a blind date (Audrey) skillfully lures him to a local “no-tell-motel” where she butchers him during sex. The murder is nearly interrupted by a call from Mother.

A police investigation introduces Detective Ariel Tali, the same person with different and unacquainted personalities. Tali had just met with Judge Kooster who has given her another assignment; kill an attorney who made a mockery of the law in his courtroom…and kill his clients if it’s convenient

A third personality, Amelia, is introduced. Seemingly naive, she has accidentally discovered partitions on her computer belonging to people she doesn’t know; Audrey, Ariel and Alexa.



Ariel, plans to eliminate attorney Adam Trent. Tailing him to a meeting with the freed gang bangers, she kills them execution style and manages to set up Trent as the killer, prior to killing him as well.

It is revealed that Amelia is under psychiatric care of Dr. Howell. In a session with her doctor, she speak of  the  voices she hears and is now paranoid about the other people using her computer. During the session, alternate personality Audrey emerges. Dr. Howell, excited at first to meet Audrey, is later threatened by her for trying to aid Amelia in dissolving the other personalities…Audrey wants control. They all do.

It is also revealed that Ariel’s boss, Police Captain Damien Fuller has long been aware of Ariel’s assignments from the judge. A secret pact is sealed.



Ariel becomes aware of the existence of personality Audrey and that she murdered the no-tell-motel victim. Ariel must now divert the investigation away from herself.

Audrey receives another vengeance murder contract and kills a cheating girlfriend in the employee locker room of the bar in which she works nights. During the encounter, personality Alexa emerges, revealing her propensity toward same sex relations. When the body is discovered by the cleaning crew the next morning, Ariel is sent to investigate; unaware this is another Audrey kill.  Mother calls again and is again quickly dismissed. It is revealed that Mother is in hospice and near death and wants to say good bye to her ‘daughters.’

When Ariel leaves the scene, a hotel employee recognizes her as Audrey, setting the stage for a cover-up accident to occur early in episode 1.

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