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Contact me for additional information and availability of my short screenplays.

La Tazza Perfetta
(The Perfect Cup)



A coffee bean matures and travels to Italy with aspirations of satisfying the most beautiful woman in the world with his flavor and in so doing helps her to find her true love.



A man and a woman have very different views about the proliferation of pigeons in city parks, but only one has a permanent solution.

The Last Meal


An abridged version of Pigeons, filmed in LA by Producer/Director Lucio Lepri. Made for the "My Rode Reel 2015" competition. 

Justice For All


When three friends meet up after work for a drink, this girl’s-night-out evening takes a twisted turn for one of them when her over-indulgence results in tragic consequences.


A honeymoon begins on a less than pleasant note when the bride and groom discover on their wedding night that they have strongly opposing feelings about a subject relating to personal hygiene.

Flight 153

Is faith confidence and trust in a person or a deity? Is God an atheist because He worships no one? How you direct and produce my short drama, Flight 153, will leave your viewers asking if in a time of need, can a woman of faith find comfort from an atheist.  



Competition for the most kosher wheat with which to make matzo brings two brothers together.

Last Minute Twists

This is a series of 1 minute stories written for Italian Director/Producer, Lucio Lepri.

Many are available for his LMT contest.

The Last Goodbye




A young boy and his father come to grips with the fact that death is the end of everything they had together.

The Last Man On Earth


Rejected in love, a man takes drastic action to eliminate his sexual drive just before learning he's become the last man on earth.

Last Night


Waking up can be the wrost thing in the world when you crave more of the lustful, voluptuous sex you enjoyed the night before.

The Last Payment


A debt is a debt, unless you miss a payment to Louie. 

The Last Chopper


Two entrepreneurs come up with a novel approach to replenish inventory at their motorcycle store.

The Last Flower Petal

What may be perceived as innocent teasing can be interrupted as willful bullying and lead to dire consequences. 


The Last Kiss

As a call to duty separates young lovers, fate prevents their reunion. 

Belly Fat

A Stage Play

A farce centered on a woman's perception that she has suddenly developed belly fat.

JVD Saves The USS Enterprise


The Last Supper

A little old lady, anticipating a celebratory dinner commemorating her 50th wedding anniversary, gets a youthful makeover to surprise her husband whom she hasn’t seen in 50 years.

An animation created for JVD, Inc. The Enterprise sends a crew member back in time to have a custom Integrated Circuit fabricated

to replace a chip destroyed by a flatulent cloud left by a Borg Transport

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